Hairstyle man short : parade of Handsome man

With this folder of 100 photos, we present to you the trends hairstyle man short for the fall of 2015 and ideas for bringing these modern fits. With the approach of the end of the summer and early fall, the fashion world comes alive and we become more and more impatient to discover the trends for the period from the end of the year.

Hairstyle man short on trend sporty styleFor all those who want to prepare in advance, here are our suggestions of hairstyles for men and ideas for new looks with these hair cuts modern.

Idea of hairstyle man short for the fall

modern fits for man

The end of the year is marked by a trend back in the 70s fashion in the world of men’s outfits. For many people, this period is associated first to the fashion, hippie style, chic bohemian, as well as the manes are long. But, as you’ll see in our image gallery, this type of hairstyle is completely absent from the men’s trend of the season. Instead, think about the haircuts short, glamorous and sexy, worn during the same period.
Hairstyle man short and held fall

modern hairstyles man cuts 2015
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The trend fall-winter issue is elegant and chic. It is characterized by fur clothes, coats, large size and printed fabrics with animal motifs. To accompany this kind of outfits, there is nothing better than a short hairstyle in gradient, neat but also a little bit provocative and rebellious.

Hair man short, and look, inspired by the 70’s

modern man is cut short

The picture above makes you think of the look of John Travolta in his movies of the 70s ? No wonder, because the hair cuts men inspired of this look are at the centre of trends fall-winter. Fill them with clothes or by accessories, faux leather, like a jacket or even a pants.

Idea for hairstyle man short shaved on the side

hairstyle man short hair 2015

Those who love the hairstyles of provocative might also like another variation of the short hairstyle in gradient, which has its origins in the period of the birth of the punk style, dating, also, of the 70’s. The male hair is directly inspired by this style is shaved on the side and long above it, as on the above photo. This type of haircut offers a lot of possibilities for hairstyles more elegant or more casual. The hair can be worn back to work, for a more professional look and more sérieur, while with more casual clothing they can be worn on the side.

Hairstyle man short trend and style hipster

modern hairstyles male 2015

Variations of this cut short and mid-long-will also appeal to those who love the style hipster, become very popular during recent years. As we know, the style hipster modern is a highly individualistic, both in regards to the clothes to the hairstyle. Become a real movement, this dress style fits very well with the hairstyles to be somewhat provocative, which derive their origins from the 70’s. Because, let’s not forget, it was during this period that the moustaches and the beard were of the accessories trend of the masculine look, to such a point that you wore false whiskers to be able to change apperence quickly. And in fact, the hair shaved on the side and long above aligns perfectly with the choice of attire, original and fun fashion hipster.

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