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Attention! This is article learn SEO free aim makes it easier for the beginner in understanding SEO. Article learning SEO exclusively from PRO.Learn SEO for Free for Beginners

Learn SEO for Free

The one that sometimes makes us confused in mengoptimasi website is view SEO from a source that we learned different. Site A says this way is right, however, site B stated this is the way it should be done. Then, to overcome this problem need to be understood first milestone the basics of SEO itself.

Although the algorithm Google over time keep diperbahrui, however, the basis of optimasi SEO that haven’t changed significantly. Let’s learn :
Learn SEO Basics
Keyword Research

Research keyword or keyword research is the first step to optimasi SEO. If diibaratkan in plants, research keyword is up from the roots, because it all started from a research keyword. Optimasi SEO On Page and SEO Off Page both need the role of research keyword.

Dala building a blog for business, the wrong selection of keyword can result in the site no one visited. So, do your research keyword is a must.

Sites with the type of what it’s supposed to do research keyword ?.

Blog post (sites are loading content – content).
Ecommerce (site for sale online).
Company profile (site load profile business).
News (the site which contains the news).

In doing research keyword, what to do first is find a niche on Your site. Kamudian, find the idea of the base that was used in a research keyword.

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A Way Of Knowing Difficulty Keyword

There are two more thing that are advised to be known, which find long taels of keyword and know the difficulty of a keyword.
On Page SEO

On Page SEO is optimasi SEO done on the page and the site itself. So, on page SEO give mean that we mengoptimasi the web itself.

In studying and mempraktikkan optimasi on page, keyword is still holding role important. The key main of seo on page is to give content the quality and placement of a variety of keyword in the content area.

In optimasi on page SEO, the variation of the keyword that we targetan is an indicator which is very important. This is useful to keep kenaturalan of Your site. Here are the things You need to learn, master, and praktikkan in mengoptimasi on page SEO, namely :

Make content that’s good quality.
Optimasi SEO on the image.
Don’t do spamming.

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Off Page SEO

Off page SEO is optimasi SEO done outside of the site which leads to a site You own. For example, You give a link of a forum kaskus which then leads to Your site.

If in optimasi website, off page SEO is neglected, small chance of a website will make it occupy the first page search engine. Do mengoptimasi seo off page is difficult ?. No, if You know his strategy.

The activity of backlinking is one of the practice of optimasi off page. And also backlinking is an indicator that has a profound effect on the sites we occupy the first page.

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SEO is an art, through trial and errorlah we will find a way right and in accordance with the edge blog. Stop to think of coming courses, to do, and find a way à la yourself. Be yourself.

So just debate about learning SEO basics for beginners. For what it’s worth.

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