succes in Ui and how to get job from internet

With a capital intention, prayer, and preparations are finally mimin could get away with sorting PREACH UI program Extension. It turns out the intent and prayers that you used to mimin junjung high so I can get in UI not in vain, and answered, too, though in fact mimin’ve got to take a little over 3 years taking college D3 and 2 years to work, but it’s all just gave mimin a lot of benefits and experience.succes in Ui and how to get job from internet

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A sound bite competition at the Preach UI Program Extensions are much more loose than the path/program to others because pendaftarnya not as much as a program of regular and also more simple because the test is given only two kinds of about, namely about the LANDFILL (Test Potential Academic) and English.

To the LANDFILL because more ditekankan to the ability of the psychological in solving problems in intellectual so more rely on logical thinking, whereas English is more in the direction of correspondence the arrangement of the sentence. So, for all you graduates D3 have a desire to go UI don’t be afraid and don’t hesitate to try this line because durasinya ranges between 2,5-3 years. Yes, it is the duration of the journey to learn you will be a little longer but trust me there’s benefit, though. Oh yeah not all prodi or majors in UI open the program extension, yes.

With A Selection Of The Program The Graduate
With a Selection of the Program the graduate on feb.ui.air

With a Selection of the Program the graduate on feb.ui.air

For those of you who’s too ngambil college degree and almost finished but has to go to ngelanjutin college again, program grad UI could be a good choice. To get into program grad UI, you need to follow the selection test on your own through Getting UI Grad where about given that the LANDFILL and English.

Come share text via Facebook, Twitter and Line, so she stayed you never failed in UI could try a three-way at the top.

On LinkedIn a lot of people human resources or the recruiter who is looking for a candidate to be approached. A major advantage using LinkedIn, especially for those who fill your resume online-his is complete, is usually we would be approached even dilamar by human resources/recruiter company! Because, the companies that need employees for the position of a certain (usually the manager-level) but an opening that’s not on-publish in the portal vacancy job.
This is the proof, I got a lot of job offers on LinkedIn

This is the proof, I got a lot of job offers on LinkedIn


Open, then the registration in there
After registration, log in and then complete a profile your resume you there.
Plus our friends at LinkedIn. Do a search (formnya at the top middle of the website LinkedIn) by using the key word ‘HR’ also known as human resource. Will appear a lot of profile people HR company.
Click the button blue that says ‘Connect’, then wait for the person concerned to accept our invitation.
We can also be friends with people who are in the industry that we want by typing the key word other in the form search, for instance ‘engineering’, ‘developer’, dsb.

Remember: by using LinkedIn, every so often, we don’t need to apply for a job. We dilamar!

3. Wait For The Process
Hopefully you can be called for the interview!

Hopefully you can be called for the interview!

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