THE HAIRSTYLE FOR MEN: The graduate is long in high and short in low

The graduate is long in high and short in low

The nape of the neck
THE HAIRSTYLE FOR MEN The graduate is long in high and short in lowThis is what usually happens last in your cup, and this is an issue I always take a little short given that it is a consideration to which I would never think of.
Unfortunately, it is being neglecting on the nape of the neck that can happen to the worst of the drifts and getting closer slowly but surely from the famous cut mullet.



Your neck will be basically the appearance of a small square. If you ever have a neck a bit thin and elongated, this is a good way to widen it visually.
If you already have a neck of a bodybuilder, then do not overdo it and take something else.

Big disadvantage: it is more painful to maintain, where the regrowth will be more messy, and requires almost a cup per week.


A bit like the nape of the neck into a square, but without the angles. It is also difficult to maintain


The hair are cut shorter and shorter as it approaches the bottom of the neck. A neck cut in a degraded can slim a wide neck.
Advantage: the nape of the neck remains clean and tidy during the regrowth, no need maintenance often.

Avoid simply the tail of the rat.

The choice of the texture

Texture variable

The hair are cut with an angle of 45 degrees with different lengths to give a texture more rich and varied. Here’s an infographic to explain the principle:


Unfortunately I have not managed to find a French translation to be satisfactory among the sites still very poor on the hairstyle for man

The razor

The hairdresser uses a razor to the ends, instead of a pair of scissors, so that the hair arise more easily on your head and to eliminate small heap disordered. This is especially useful for curly hair.

The overlays

What is the principle ? Long hair over short hair. This is especially useful if your hair is fine (or you lose): overlays add a sense of depth and volume (a bit like the clothes in the end)


If you have a hairstyle that is thick, and messy, ask your hairdresser to refine your hair to remove a little bit of volume. It will use the special scissors called ???? which are like normal scissors but with teeth that are cut partially the hair. Has to do occasionally if you have normal hair, and each visit to the hairdresser if they are ultra thick (this is my case).
The arches

This is the name that we give to the small space between your ears and your hair, here’s what you can do with it.

Arches high

There will be more space between the edges of your hair and ears. It is a good solution to enlarge visually small ears. By cons, it is aging pretty badly as that your hair will grow back, and it can quickly look a tad too geeky if the arcs are really too high.

Arches natural

You keep them just as they are. Surely the simplest solution, especially in terms of maintenance
The legs

Don’t do the favourites: they may stop either at the top of the ear, in the middle or at the bottom . The top or the middle are choices to be safe.
There are no consequences of note on the maintenance.

Think twice however before you let it grow rouflaquettes
II choosing the right cup

Here is the infographic summary JamaisVulgaire translated from a first computer graphics in NinjaSoar and a second of LifestylebyPS

Remember the rules of basic geometric to choose a cut that will highlight your face shape, and criteria more down-to-earth, to help you choose. If it requires for example a straightening iron, do you really want the hassle of this equipment there ?

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