The thrill of staying at the Hotel Faucets Building

Tired of staying in a hotel and would like to experience new time travel? The former hotel building’s faucets Jajal at an altitude of tens of meters in Amsterdam, and feel the incredible sensation in this unique hotel.

The thrill of staying at the Hotel Faucets Building

Hotel Amsterdam’s most unique concepts not located in the city centre but at the port. The hotel is above the area of pelaburan, exactly above the faucets. Its owner is Edwin Kornmann. Hotel faucets is the idea, the moment he saw the crane faucets port is retired. Kornmann bought it for 1 Euro. He then by turning them. Red part is new, while gray still remaining a long tow.

Karlotta Arnold will menjajalnya with an overnight stay in the hotel. Previously had to climb stairs to reach elevator that took him to the top.

After 30 seconds, up to his room in Karlota Faralda Crane. There are only three rooms in this unique hotel.
Edwin Kornmann explains: “this Room was once the controlling spaces. The operator of a crane faucets used to sit in the corner back there. ”
The investment of millions of Euro to bear award

To find penginapan di jombang overhaul the former industrial faucets need to cost 3 million euros. Edwin Kornmann explains why he insist on building a unique hotel with a very expensive cost: “I want to realize something strange. Best design hotel in kran crane. ”

He even got the idea for the awards. Each room is special design results. In addition to beautiful furniture, these rooms have a view of the advantages to the outside is spectacular. Karlotta Arnold gave suggestions: “create a fear of heights, it’s best not to this hotel. Because the room is constructed in such a way so that from anywhere can look down. ”

Sensational views of Amsterdam, it took three years to remodel the faucet so hotwel. Karlotta inhabited rooms located at a height of 45 meters. Sensainya: special scenery of Amsterdam from a height, and a beautiful interior plus a. .. No wonder prices are menginapnya expensive. Starting from 435 Euro per night, without breakfast. The second floor, there is a bonus in the form of mezanin.

Karlotta Arnold tells the story: “it’s strange because in fact this tap. But in here will not be felt. Because the interior of this hotel really is designed beautifully. ” As night falls, the atmosphere changed dramatically. At the highest point of the hotel, at a height of 60 metres there is a Whirlpool!. This view was formerly could only be enjoyed by the operators of faucets.

Time for Karlotta to sleep. How it feels to sleep at altitude? “Good morning. I sleep quite soundly. But one thing that is disturbing. The sound of elevator at night. Strange taste. Rooms like join the move. otelBut I think, our position has not changed at all. “said Arnold Karlotta. Conclusion: just let me stay overnight at the hotel faucets, guaranteed sensinya will not be forgotten forever.

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