Type and structur protein

The term protein barasal from proteis Greece language, meaning “the first”. The term itupertama times required to thn 1838. In life, the function of the protein is very absolute. For example, all plant enzymes of animal protein, namely &. With a lipida fungsi protein, bones & forge order agency. beyond that, the protein also scored muscles, antibodies, hemoglobin & various hormones.

what is protein

what is protein?

Protein i.e. compilers more or less 50% of the dry weight of the organism. Protein is not only sekedaar material deposits or structural carbohydrates, such as baha & fat. But as well as the main role in the function of life.

Proteins are polymers i.e. from about 20 amino acids – ∝. Relative molecular mass i.e. approximately 6,000 up the many millions. Absolute elements constituent of protein is C, H, O, N &. the many proteins contain the element sulfur (s). phosphorus (p), iron (Fe), manganese (Mn), copper (Cu), iodine (I) &. towards the end of the year 1800, the unit most small proteins berup reply asap ∝-amino success is defined.

Protein Structure

The structure of the protein will be grouped so the four groups, is the primary structure, secondary, tertiary, Quaternary &. The primary structure is the linear structure of protein chains. In this structure there is not running good with energy antaraksi, protein chains another reply or between amino acids in the protein itself.

The secondary structure is two dimensional structure of proteins. This goes to the structure folds (folding) irregular, such as α β Helix & – – sheets, due to the hydrogen bonding between the cluster-cluster of polar amino acids in the protein chain.

Tertiary structure is the three-dimensional structure of the protein chain is simple. In this structure, not just running folding print structure α – β Helix & – sheet, also in progress energy antaraksi energy antaraksi & van der Waals force nonpolar yg encourage lasting creases.

The highest structure of protein Quaternary structure is. In this structure, protein molecular complex forge, infinite charge against one protein chains, but the many protein chains joined scored as the ball.

Be, the structure of the protein molecule had rajasa kuartener hydrogen bonds, van der Waals forces, nonpolar clusters energy antaraksi &, as well as progress energy antaraksi between protein chains either through energy antaraksi polar, nonpolar, or van der Waals forces. Sample of the structure of this molecule, Hemoglobin is composed of four protein subunits.

Protein Function

Build protein bodies called Structural Protein while protein functions as an enzyme antecedent, antibodies or hormones known as functional Protein.

Structural proteins against usually form with other substances in the body of the creature HidupContoh among other structural proteins nukleoprotein reply is contained in the cell nucleus & yg lipoprotein found in cell membranes. There is also a form of incomparable with the protein components of the structure of the body, but there is which is the reserve substances in the cells of living things. Sample proteins like this IE proteins against the egg chickens, birds, turtle & turtle.

The entire protein type yg we eat would digested in the digestive tract so yg substances absorbed in the intestine is ready, is in the form of amino acids-asamamino. Amino acids-amino acid resulting from the digestion process reply food plays a very absolute within the body, create:

Materials for the synthesis of substances such as hormones, absolute substance antibodies, other cell organelle &
Repairs, maintenance of cell structure & growth, body organ & network
Also as a source of energy, each gram can bore 4.1 calories.

Regulate body metabolism, pursuing a & e.g. as enzymes (proteins enable & participated to the chemical reactions of life)
Maintaining the balance of acid base balance of body fluids &. Retaining compounds/bufer, proteins play a role in  hotel di jombang maintaining the stability of the gede PH liquid body. As the substance is dissolved in a liquid body, protein helps in the maintenance of osmotic pressure within the boundary bulkhead cavities of the body.

Lighten the body in destroying or neutralizes foreign substances get into the body of the reply.

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